Acquisition Process

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About the Acquisition & Commission Process

For information about Artist editions and Unique works or to schedule a studio visit, please contact Lynn Mara here. Mara’s works are also available on view at Topiaire (Southampton, NY) and at Palmer Vineyard (Riverhead, NY).

Mara’s passion for philanthropy dates back many generations in her family. In particular, Mara shared a close relationship and joint interest in civic duties with her late father in law, Wellington Mara. Their collective pursuits and efforts included: Boys Hope Girls Hope, LIFE Athletes, Malta House of Good Counsel, and Sisters of Saint Dominic (Blauvelt, NY). With so many people in the world continually suffering from adversity, Mara feels a deep calling to help those in need as best she can. Being in a position where she is able to aid others, the artist believes in pointing all her blessings back to the greater good, based upon her principle that “charity is not a season, but a way of life.” As an expression of profound gratitude, Mara generously gives proceeds from her art sales to individuals and families whom she encounters serendipitously along her personal life journey.

Above (left to right): 1) Installing an exhibition in The Hamptons; 2) General Odierno signs a Lynn Mara print edition for charity; 3) Private studio dinner for special collectors